Choosing a college

See the list of colleges that offer PPE and theĀ advice on choosing a college.


Applications to colleges for PPE vary every year, and colleges have varying numbers of places to offer. To ensure that candidates have a fair chance of being accepted we reallocate some candidates.

Colleges shortlist candidates by looking at actual or predicted academic qualifications, taking into consideration the school performance context. They also consider references and test results from the Thinking Skills Assessment. Where a college has a large number of candidates relative to its places the Admissions Coordinator reallocates some of those candidates to colleges with lower shortlisted candidate to place ratios. Candidates selected for reallocation are those for whom information available at this stage suggests the chance of acceptance can be improved by reallocation.

Shortlisted candidates are invited to interviews, normally in early or mid December. Once first interviews have taken place, college tutors arrange that some candidates receive further interviews in other colleges.